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The state of Texas has specific laws and procedures that pertain to military divorces. There are additional steps needed to finalize a divorce when one or both of the spouses are active duty military personnel, reservists, or in the National Guard. There are also federal laws that govern the steps for a military divorce in Texas. In addition, handling military retirement during divorce as community property takes special expertise. If you or your spouse is a part of the military, contact Allen & Roig, LLP, San Antonio military divorce attorneys, to make sure that your interests are fully protected and ensure your divorce proceedings are conducted according to all of the state and federal law requirements.

Issues Unique to Divorces Involving Military Service Members

  • Jurisdiction – Either the active duty member or their spouse must have been a resident of Texas for at least six months and a resident of their county for three or more months. If the active duty service member is deployed or stationed in a different state, then the process may require filing in a different state
  • Federal Laws – Protect active duty military members from being divorced by their spouses without knowing an action has been filed in federal court
  • Service members Civil Relief Act (SCRA) – Protects a spouse who is unable to attend hearings. Their military divorce in Texas may be postponed while the service member is on active duty
  • Child Custody and Visitation Issues – Concerning the specifics of overseas deployment, temporary duty travel, or change of residency
  • Federal Laws Regarding Division of Retirement Benefits and VA Benefits
  • Survivor Benefits

Each Case is Unique

By getting the best military divorce attorneys in San Antonio, TX, you are on your way to reaching a more favorable outcome. Allen & Roig, LLP understands the complexities of military divorce. We are skilled at protecting the rights of military service members and/or their spouses, and work with our clients to find the solutions that are best for them.

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