Trusted San Antonio Domestic Violence Attorneys

Being a party to a domestic violence proceeding is a very disturbing position to be in. Whether you’ve been a victim and need a protective order or you have been falsely accused of spousal or child abuse, our firm Allen & Roig, LLP represents individuals on either side of these allegations. We understand the impact that domestic violence can have on you and your family and will work aggressively to protect your interests. Don’t let the anxiety about the costs or the process itself get in the way of taking important steps to protect yourself. We offer compassionate counsel and are ready to hear the unique aspects of your case so that we can concentrate on getting the outcome you want and deserve. We can even present you with some options for securing financial relief when attempting to recover attorney’s fees in a domestic violence case. Get in touch with us today.

Defending Against Allegations

When facing allegations of domestic violence, it is of the utmost importance to take immediate action and contact a domestic violence lawyer in San Antonio, TX. If you are going through, or about to go through a divorce, and are being accused of acts of violence, there can be many ramifications from those charges. You may be denied access to your children and to the family home, and it can complicate your position as a party in any other outstanding legal actions. Furthermore, an arrest or conviction will stay on your criminal record and could adversely affect your career and future earning opportunities.

We do know that false allegations of domestic violence are often made for a variety of reasons, including as a way to gain advantage in custody or visitation proceedings or to punish a spouse or ex-spouse. Allen & Roig, LLP will work hard to protect your interests and the best interests of the children, including your rights for access to them.

Protecting Victims of Abuse

If however you feel that you are the one who needs to be protected from harassment or abuse, it is also in your best interest to speak with a San Antonio, TX domestic violence lawyer so that the abuse cannot continue. Our firm, Allen & Roig, LLP handles these difficult situations and we recommend that if that is the case, seek our counsel before filing for a no-contact or protective order. By sitting down with you, we will be able to give your our full attention, listen to your side of the story, discuss your options, and explain the potential effects your actions will have on you, your children, and your divorce proceedings.

Victims or Defendants of Domestic Abuse Allegations Should Seek Legal Advice Immediately

Allen & Roig, LLP is readily available to consult with you, share our experience, and give you proper counsel in the area of domestic violence. We’ll gather all evidence to support your case, prepare and file all necessary documentation, be your advocate in all court proceedings, and be readily available for emergency hearings. We understand the emotional impact that physical, verbal, or emotional abuse can have on you and your family. Allen & Roig, LLP specializes in handling situations similar to yours and while each case is unique, we have the background and experience to represent your best interests in the complex area of domestic violence. Call (210) 377-2529 Today!