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Allen & Roig LLP is a premier law firm in San Antonio, TX representing clients in all aspects of family law proceedings. Our attorneys are passionate about protecting and fighting for clients’ rights and helping them with all aspects of divorce, as well as smart, sound asset protection and estate planning. We are poised for tough negotiations on your behalf and when appropriate, we stand ready to take your case to trial.

If you are going through a divorce, child custody battle, adoption, paternity claim, domestic violence situation or another matter relating to family law, it can be a confusing, lonely, and exhausting experience. You are probably uncertain about your rights and concerned about how best to protect yourself, your assets, and your family. The better prepared you are and the sooner you seek legal counsel, the better!

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Why Hire Allen & Roig

Protect Yourself and Your Family

Without proper representation regarding a family law matter, you could be put in an irreversible situation when it comes to child custody, visitation, and the distribution of assets, and then be ridden with overwhelming financial commitments. Not seeking legal representation with prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, spousal support agreements, collaborative divorce, and the adoption process can also lead to big mistakes that will end up haunting you in the future.

Protect Your Assets

You have worked hard for your net worth and want to see it protected and distributed as you had planned. We provide legal guidance and professional planning services to ensure that your financial goals are reached and your wishes are carried out.

Direct Contact

As a client, you deserve direct and frequent communication with your attorneys. Your concerns are important and your case is always handled in a very personalized manner. You can count on Allen & Roig, LLP to be attentive and responsive to your needs.

The Truth

Remember, anything you tell your attorney is in confidence and we don’t sit in judgement of our clients. However, we are also not shy about telling our clients what we think they need to do, whether they want to hear it or not. Of course, what to do is up to our clients, but they never lack for strong, helpful guidance and a clear strategy. You will get the truth from us at all times, because that is what you will need in order to be successful in achieving your goals.

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We're Here To Help

Going it alone is not the answer. The attorneys of Allen & Roig, LLP know, above all else, how to ensure the rights of our clients and place them in the best position to achieve a favorable result. We use preparation, hard work, combined with aggressive negotiation and litigation to get the results our clients demand and deserve. Be proactive and protect yourself by finding out what your rights are and contacting Allen & Roig, LLP. We provide formidable representation as family attorneys in San Antonio, TX.

Client Testimonials

David B.
What a great experience. Very Professional Staff and always so helpful. My family is so grateful for all the help Mr. Roig gave our family. Very fair pricing as well.
Great and informative lawyers! Mr. Allen and Mr. Roig really earned my trust and helped me.
Outstanding attorneys! Helped me and my family in my father's contested probate case. They were always accessible and very knowledgeable and I would absolutely use them again!
Both of these attorney were highly recommended, and rightfully so because the level of service they provided was outstanding. i was walked thru all processes, and was informed of all my options with my case. they both were professional, knowledgeable, and extremely attentive to my case. they were definitely the right choice!!!!!
Smart lawyers that do good work!
Avvo Review
I had Mr. Allen as my divorce attorney for 9 months. I had used 2 other San Antonio attorneys before being referred to him by a fellow Doctor. Mr. Allen has a very practical and effective way of explaining to people what their case requires and was able to work out a Very Fair settlement! His staff is first rate, and kept me very well informed. His billing was fair and after spending $30K in previous Lawyers he was very reasonable. I have referred friends to him and heard similar comments. I Highly Respect this Aggressive yet conservative firm.
My family and I have been fighting for 9 years over my grandfather's estate, with Mr. Allen's help we were finally able to resolve it. Mr. Allen, as well as Mr. Roig, treated my family and I very professionally and with the utmost respect. Their staff was excellent and professional as well. There fees were fair and they were able to get all 17 of my family members, after two previous attorneys attempts and failures, to help us all reach an agreement that we could all walk away feeling comfortable with. Whenever I had a call, they got back to me and helped reassure me and give me the straight forward facts that I needed. Without these two my family probably would still be fighting now. I recommend these two attorneys if your really needing good hard negotiation skills and the knowledge of the law on your side.
I was referred to Mr. Allen six years ago by my Pastor. I was going through a divorce and I was dealing with abuse and emotional difficulties. Mr. Allen helped me through those difficult times and was able to protect me and my daughter! Since then, I have had to use him again on a probate matter for my mother's estate and he walked me through the whole process! He explained both of my matters in very clear terms and made me feel secure and protected! I have recommended him to several of the nurses I work with and I hear good things from them as well! In a sea of attorneys, it is refreshing to find one that is polite intelligent and respectful!
I used this firm for a complex probate matter. They were referred to me by then Judge Tanner. Excellent attorneys. Very humble and provided stellar results. You will pay reasonable fees and get very professional service.
Avvo Review
Mr. Roig formed an estate plan for my family as well as a series of trusts for my children after oil was found on our family's ranch. He was effective in explaining to myself and my wife all the details of our family wealth and how to preserve it for future generations. He is an extremely detailed individual and we were fortunate to be referred to him by our CPA. If you have assets and want to keep them, USE THIS LAWYER!
Avvo Review
Alex was outstanding! He fought for me in a difficult and emotionally charged divorce/child custody matter and he protected my rights! I received regular updates and communication with his office was fantastic!! I would highly recommend him!!


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